Sport N Socialize has a clear 3-fold mission:

  1. Promote Networking and Socializing via the medium of playing Sports together.
  2. Be one of the most economical and flexible Badminton Clubs in and around Eindhoven region.
  3. Groom Talent from a young age and create opportunities for the Youth to potentially become professional sports players in the future.


This document details Terms and Conditions of the Sport N Socialize Membership Plan. The membership plan in effect is meant for participants subscribing to playing sport of Badminton organized and hosted by Sport N Socialize (KvK number: 80223982). For regular players and sports enthusiasts, opting for a SnS membership plan can result in significant cost-savings, compared to a non-member.

Memberships Types and respective Conditions

As stated in the Mission Statement, SnS aims to be one of the most economical and flexible Badminton clubs in and around Eindhoven region. One of the major benefits of SnS membership is low-cost per month cost model, wherein members can choose to select periods in a year where they would like their membership to be in effect and contributing accordingly. For example, a member may choose to deactivate his/her membership for a particular month and save the respective costs accordingly. These are currently offered membership plans by Sport N Socialize:

Type of Membership



Cost-savings compared to a non-member

Recreational Badminton


1 time/week



€ 10

2 times/week

€ 40

€ 24

3 times/week

€ 57

€ 39

Ad hoc day*


€ 6

€ 2


Adults training (1 hour/week)


€ 10


Youth Badminton Training





€ 52



€ 205


Private 1:1 Training

Per hour

€ 20


*An ‘Ad hoc day’ is defined as a day for which members are not subscribed for, however, would still like to avail of a slot. For e.g., a member who has opted to play 1 (let’s say on Saturdays, however, would like to play for a 2nd time on a Wednesday in a particular week. 

General Conditions:

  1. Sporting equipment: Badminton Shuttles will be made available by the club. However, other personal gear such as rackets, shoes, etc. has to be arranged by the members. There is currently no provision of borrowing any equipment from SnS club.
  2. Venue/Facility: SnS organized Badminton events need renting of an indoor facility (for example, Sport halls). Some facilities are booked consistently to maintain a “regular” sporting venue. Such facilities are often reserved for a period of one or more months depending on the number of expected members. This helps ensure optimal use of the facility as well as being able to mitigate potential financial losses. There are also instances when venues are unavailable for variety of reasons beyond SnS’s control (for e.g., some other club may have booked the same facility at the same date and time). In such cases, attempts will be made to ensure there is a replacement of venue in a reasonable proximity (in radius of around 5 km) from the “regular” venue. The members will also be notified at least 1 week prior to the date of planned event. The timing of sports event, if at all required to be changed, will also be attempted to be retained as similar to “regular” time slot as possible.
  3. The membership costs are planned be collected using the Automatic Debit facility. This facility are expected to save a lot of time for the SnS members as well as the organizational administration point of view. The new members may need to transfer the membership costs using a provided one-time direct payment link to enable Automatic Debit facility. The costs of a membership period are expected to be processed on 1st working day of applicable month. For example, a recreational membership cost contribution for the month of October, will be processed on 1st working day of October. As another example, in case of a Youth Bi-monthly membership, the contribution for the period of September – October will be processed on 1st working day of September.
  4. In case of any updates to the membership plan (opting for more days of plays, changing the “play days”, suspending membership for a period), those have to be notified to the SnS Administration by 20th calendar day of the preceding month. 
  5. If there are multiple members from a household or ones who prefer to contribute via a common bank account, the respective contributions will be clubbed together and collected using a single debit transaction. 
  6. In event of sport facilities not being available for a particular day (for instance, due to public holidays), the cost contribution will not be adjusted for that month. Likewise, the cost contribution would remain the same, even if there incidentally 5 “playing weeks” in a particular month.

Recreational Membership Conditions:

  1. While submitting a membership form, the participants are expected to choose the planned weekday(s) and number of times per week when they would like to play. Accordingly, their monthly subscription will be determined. A member does have an option of playing an extra day for a particular week. This is what is defined as an ‘Ad hoc’ day above in this section.
  2. The membership costs are defined on a monthly basis which allows the SnS club to offer cost-savings for its valued members. Hence, in a situation where a member is not able to play for a particular week, the membership costs will not be adjusted, transferred forward or reimbursed to the member in any fashion. 
  3. While updating the membership plan for an upcoming period is always possible, switching of “playing day” within a month isn’t currently being permitted. For example, let’s consider the case for a member who has chosen to play 1 time/week on Wednesdays. If he/she isn’t able to play on a Wednesday for particular week, it is not possible to “shift” the play day on Saturday. He/she may choose to sign-up for an ‘Ad hoc’ day and then still join the sport event at a member’s rate.
  4. It is possible for new members to join in middle of a month and “Member’s rate” will be applied to remainder of their particular within that month. The automatic debit facility will process the contribution from the upcoming monthly membership period

Youth Membership Conditions:

  1. Nurturing the Youth is one of the top priorities for the SnS club. To encourage the Youth, the members are given special provision to avail any of the planned recreation session to practice the sport, totally free of cost. However, this is subject to availability of the courts and recreational players will always have a precedence over Youth members over usage of courts.
  2. The parents are free to accompany their kids during the training sessions. However, should they decide to play in the “recreational” zone, they are subject to cost contributions accordingly. The parents may also choose to avail a membership plan and experience low-cost membership rates.
  3. Parents/Guardians are responsible to ensure that their kids are not intentionally/unintentionally causing disruption during the concurrently ongoing “recreational” event.

Update to Membership (including temporary Suspension, Cancellation)

  1. In case of any updates to the membership plan (for example, opting for more days of plays, changing the “play days”, suspending membership for a period, etc.), those have to be notified to the SnS Administration by 20th calendar day of the preceding month. 
  2. In case of any updates to Members personal details (for example, change of bank account number, change of email address, etc.), members are expected to notify SnS as promptly as possible, to ensure smooth continuation of membership plan.

Associated Liabilities

  1. SnS is not liable/responsible for any accidents, injuries, thefts, losses or other unforeseen untoward incident taking place during the planned sporting session. 

Governance of Terms and Conditions

  1. This ‘Terms and Conditions’ document is subject to frequent revision to reflect changes to the membership related aspects. All members will be notified via provided email every time the document is updated. Any questions or suggestion to amend the Terms and Conditions should be submitted to SnS organizers via an email.