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University Student Membership Form

1. Meant for active, full-time, non-earning students (>15 years old).
2. A recreational membership can be topped up with other offerings such Trainings, Competitions, etc.
3. One session typically includes 3 hours of playing time, including intervals in between.

[Volunteering towards our club/community and supporting our mission is very important to help our club keep prospering.]

More Info

How cool you are joining the our club! Welcome to the most economical and flexible Badminton club in and around Eindhoven! Your information will help us process the registration correctly. If you’ve got any questions feel free to contact us.

New Member Registration: €10


Monthly Memberships:

1 session/week: 13

2 sessions/week: €19

3 sessions/week: €25


Annual Memberships:

1 session/week: €148

2 sessions/week: €205

3 sessions/week: €255


For a complete overview of contributions, visit this page. 


1 training/week – 25 €/month

2 trainings/week – 45 €/month



1 training/week – 270 €

2 training/week – 432 €


For a complete overview of contributions, visit this page. 

With the membership terms & conditions apply. These can be reviewed here.

In order to properly manage memberships, we require some degree of personal information. We will make sure we handle your data carefully and in accordance with the GDPR.

The entire privacy statement can be reviewed here