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What play format/system do we follow during Adults Recreational Sessions?

We implement a Magnetic board system for all our Adults Recreational sessions. If for some reason, a magnetic board cannot be used, we will employ random shuffling of players using tools such as playing cards.

What is a Magnetic Board system and how does it work?

  • A magnetic board has Columns representing court numbers (1,2,3, etc.) and Rows representing fixed time slots of 20 mins.
  • At the starting of every timeslot, the players are expected to stick their personalized magnet in the “Box” meant for that time slot. Players who are not interested in playing in a particular time slot (for e.g., someone prefers to rest), do not need to stick their magnet in any box.
    • A maximum of 4 magnets can be placed in a box indicating a Doubles Match taking place.
    • A minimum of 2 magnets indicates a Singles Match taking place on the respective court number.
    • In case of players waiting for their turn to play due to lack of available spots/courts, the precedence always goes to Doubles Match over Singles Match to ensure everyone gets a chance to play. However, should there be empty courts available, those could be used for playing Singles Matches as well.
  • After every 20 mins, any of the participants is free to proactively announce the end of that slot.
  • Only after the announcement, can the players who played in the previous slot can move their magnets to the next slot. Moving the magnet before the end of the time slot is not permitted. On the other hand, if someone has been waiting on the sidelines for a timeslot to get over and get a chance to play, they are permitted to place the magnets for an upcoming slot in advance, before the end of an ongoing slot.
  • If a player is playing on any of the courts, their magnet should be visible on the respective box.
  • Not all courts might be usable for conduction of Recreational Play. For e.g., some of those might be reserved for conducting Trainings. Such courts will have a Magnetic Patch called “Reserved”. The Technical Commission members will oversee putting up “Reserved” patches for no more than 3 courts at a time.

Do all Sport N Socialize members get their personalized magnet?

Yes. All registered and active members of Sport N Socialize | Rudra United club will be given a personalized magnet by the club. First magnet will be made free of cost by the club. It is the responsibility of every club member to always keep it safely with them, even after a particular session ends. The players are expected to take their magnet with them after every session and carry it along when they participate in an upcoming Adults Recreational session. The color of magnets for Male players is ‘Blue’, while it is ‘Red’ for Female players.

How will the guests/visitors participate?

Black colored magnets with a label ‘Guest’ on it can be used by guest/visitors participating in the session, with the same structure mentioned in the section above.

Who do I contact for obtaining my magnet?

Franklin Megens ( oversees creation and handover magnets. He is also available during most of the recreational sessions.

I lost my personalized magnet. Can I get a new one?

Yes. You can request a new magnet; however, it does incur a small cost. You can send an email to and transfer 6 Euros to NL88 KNAB 0502 6289 44 on the account of Sport N Socialize. Please mention “<Your name> + Magnet request” in the description.

What are some of the rules/expectations from players?

  • Sport N Socialize will always aim to be an inclusive club for all her members. It is expected that every member strives to uphold the principle of being inclusive in every session they participate in.
  • While it is acknowledged that, at times, it is desirable to play and practice with preferred and/or same set of players (for e.g., with friends, players at a similar skill level), we also expect that players do not form “groups” among themselves, which might not portray being inclusive for others who would also like a chance to play together. A good rule of thumb (not a hard rule) is to avoid playing with same set players for more than 2 consecutive time slots, if possible.
  • When all members consciously attempt to play with all players, most of the members end up having a good and productive time at the club, with also an opportunity to build friendships with one another.

Return policy of personalized magnets

In event of cancellation of the membership, please return your magnet to Franklin Megens. Alternatively, during the last session with the club, you may also place it on the magnetic board. For members pausing their membership for a short period of time, the magnet does not need to be returned.

If you have more questions on this system and expectations from all players, please write to

Thank you and let us all strive to be sportive and inclusive members of OUR Sport N Socialize club

Sport N Socialize | Rudra United