Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Flexible.
  • International.
  • Innovative.
  • Ambitious.

These are some of the keywords that we associate ourselves with.


Why is flexibility important? Some players like to play only once/week and some just can’t seem to get enough. Some players are also inclined towards competing seriously and would like to participate in leagues and tournaments. 

The uniqueness of our club is there is a place for everyone and a system that supports everyone’s preferences and needs. Such flexibility is unparalleled and a club membership model perhaps non-existent in any of the other Badminton Clubs in the region.

Furthermore, we are highly focused on Youth Talent Development. Our coaches are highly reputed and world-class (yep, our head coach is an ex-Olympian), who work hard in imparting their expertise and knowledge to the next generation!

Our club’s Badminton sessions are usually organized in and around Eindhoven centrum, however, may also be hosted in adjoining locations like Veldhoven, Meerhoven, Waalre or Geldrop, depending on availability of the suitable venues in the region. All planned events and associated venues are published in the Calendar section of this website.

Yes, players at all levels (beginners, intermediate or advanced) are welcome to join our club.

At minimum, the participants need bring their own badminton racquets and non-marking indoor shoes. The shuttles are provided by the club. Currently, there is no provision of borrowing any accessories from the club.

If you need to buy any of badminton gear, please check out our club’s sponsor BadmintonPlanet webshop. In Eindhoven, their shop is located at Zeelsterstraat 32, 5652 EK Eindhoven. Please make sure you mention to BadmintonPlanet colleagues that you play for Sport N Socialize Badminton club, to be granted exclusive discounts on certain brands.

We have highly experienced and ex-professional players as trainers/coaches at our club. Depending on the age, one can opt for Youth or Senior trainings. These typically happen once or twice per week.


Our club competes in Helmondse Badminton Bond competition as well as plans to be a part of Badminton Nederland competition. Please contact the Coaches/Technical committee or Club administrators to evaluate which teams you can fit best in.

Absolutely, we understand everyone has individual preferences. Flexibility is one unique aspect of our club. Feel free to keep the Calendar page of our club’s website bookmarked, and just let us know when you would like to drop by! Subject to availability of spots, you would be able to participate for the planned session.

As an occasional “visitor”, the contribution is 8 €/session/head.

Note: “Visitors” are only expected in Adults Recreational sessions. This provision is not applicable for players representing the club in competitions or the Youth members (4 – 15 years old).

Currently, our typical sessions are organized for 2 hours. However, that is subject to change based on club’s future needs.

You may choose to play only for a part of that session based on your preferences. However, the cost contribution is fixed for a session, regardless of time you spend playing.

Adults Recreational Sessions and Membership

Sport N Socialize club’s Adults/Senior Recreational membership model is truly unique compared to other clubs. The club’s members, depending on their preference, subscribe to a monthly or an annual membership model.

A month is defined as a regular calendar month which starts on Day 1 and ends on Day 28/29/30/31, depending on the month of the calendar year (that is, January, February, etc.).

An annual membership spans for a calendar year and typically starting from September and ends in August of the following calendar year.

A member contributes based on weekly frequency he/she opts to play for. For e.g., 1 time/week, 2 times/week, 3 times/week or 4 times/week.

The club’s monthly membership model currently doesn’t permit swapping of days, as it is administratively time-consuming. So, if a member is not able to play for a day he/she is subscribed for, it cannot be compensated by swapping. 

However, members can leverage an ‘Ad hoc’ day if they prefer to play an extra day for which they are not subscribed for. For such ‘Ad hoc’ days, members contribute with a special member’s rate compared to being a non-member. Availing an ‘Ad hoc’ day is subject to availability of spots. The priority of participation is always given to the members who are subscribed for a particular session.

Once you activate your membership (instructions are usually mentioned in the Welcome email that new members receive), you will be refunded proportionally for the sessions you missed for your first month.

Sport N Socialize has a pretty big pool of players. So, it is likely that you will find players who are more or less at your level. 

We are a very social club which promotes the beautiful sport of Badminton as well as Networking among our members/players. The networking is facilitated by shuffling and randomizing players to interact with one another as well as learn from each other. Therefore, it is not possible to arrange for a separate court for a group of individuals to play among themselves. However, we always plan for sometime every session for ‘Free Play’ for letting players play with their friends or preferred opponents.

No, unfortunately our club’s membership structure does not allow for that. Although we, as a club, are very flexible in our membership model, it can be extremely time-consuming to keep a track of every member’s attendance for every planned session. 

What do we suggest? Plan ahead and evaluate if you would end up missing majority of your sessions for upcoming month. Accordingly, write to to “Pause” your membership for that month. Remember to do so by 20th calendar of the preceding month. Refer to membership Terms and Conditions for more details.

If you would like to stop your membership for particular month(s), please notify the club by 20th calendar day of the preceding month via mailing to Such an intimation helps administrators to update financial systems in time, before contributions are automatically collected for the upcoming month.

For e.g., Let’s assume a member would like to stop their membership accordingly from August, they are required to send an intimation by 20-July.

Please drop us a note on Sport N Socialize is committed to addressing the matter as fast as possible. If the contributions collected are indeed found to be incorrect, the members will be conveyed the right remediation measures (for e.g., refunds, etc.)

We kindly request you to NOT stop/reject the automatic debit directly via your bank account. When an automatic debit transaction is rejected via the bank account, our financial system charges a penalty to our club. The club might be required to recover such penalties, administrative charges as well as applicable membership fees, from the those who rejected the transaction.

In case you disagree with a to be collected/collected contribution, please contact us on Please be assured our club will promptly investigate the matter in line with our club’s membership terms and conditions. If applicable, a full refund will also be issued for an erroneously collected amount.

Youth Membership

Youth Development is one of Sport N Socialize club’s top priority and part of it’s mission statement.

The interested parents/kids are welcome to try out 2 sessions free of cost. If they would like to continue, the kids are expected to register as a member. We are keen on young members train regularly. So, although there is flexibility in membership model, we actively encourage kids/parents to be consistent in attending the training sessions.

We encourage to buy economical (between €15 and €30)  and normal size rackets (that Adults use) also for the younger kids. It might seem that normal rackets are heavy for 4-6 year old kids, however, they soon get comfortable with it.


Our club’s sponsor BadmintonPlanet may also be able to advise which rackets you may like to consider.