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Eindhoven Badminton Academy ™

Eindhoven Badminton Academy® (EBA) is an official Badminton school that has been certified as 1-star by Badminton Nederland.

As of December 2022, EBA has approximately 75 students in the youth department. EBA also has an “Elite Youth Talent” group consisting of selected children who are highly driven to improve their badminton skills, have ambitions to eventually play at a good level and possibly pursue a career in the sport.

We focus on giving children personal attention to accelerate their development in badminton. Our coaches actively engage in dialogue with children and their parents to ensure this.

At EBA we have fun events, but we also focus on teaching badminton to our youth in a serious way. Our vision is to produce talent that can one day represent the Netherlands. For this we attach great value to our collaboration with Badminton Netherlands and RTC-Eindhoven, which makes it possible to share knowledge between coaches and also the players to spar and learn from better players.

EBA is currently the only recognized Badminton academy in the Eindhoven region. Our head coach is ex-Olympian Eli Mambwe and founder of this academy is Rohit Kulkarni. Eli and Rohit are both Badminton World Federation (BWF) certified coaches.

EBA organizes several events throughout the year: Rudra United Youth Open Championship, Club/Academy Championship, Sinterklaas/Christmas celebration, etc.

Although EBA is part of Sport N Socialize, it is also open to young people from other clubs. For example, it is possible to train at EBA but represent other clubs in competition. For members of EBA, who are interested in participating in leagues/tournaments do so under our competitive wing called Rudra United.