Get to know Sport N Socialize

The story

We are a young team of competitive, internationally minded badminton players and sports lovers, trying to do our part in promoting this beautiful sport. Sport N Socialize was founded to combine our biggest passions: Badminton, Youth Talent development, Technologies in Sports and Networking with new people.

Our mission is to nurture talent compete hard promote sports socialize network

Our ambition is to foster new badminton talent for The Netherlands and play competitively with our very own Rudra United teams. Along with this, we also intend to help Dutch businesses leverage sponsorship opportunities, offer sports-based team-building sessions and embolden their overall corporate image.

The assets

Trainers & coaches

Badminton lovers

Marketing expertise

Diverse connections

Organisational chart

  • Root
    Sport N Socialize Organization
    • Eindhoven Badminton Academy (EBA)
      EBA is focussed on Youth Talent Development.
      EBA is a 1-star certified Badminton school by Badminton Nederland.
    • Rudra United
      A competitive division of our club for
      Adults and Youth.
    • SnS Recreational Division
      An avenue for all players (competitive and
      non-competitive) of the club

Milestones - Sns/Rudra U

Club Founded
Nov 2020
Partnership with EHV Sport
Sponsorship with BadmintonPlanet
Dec 2020
Jun 2021
Engaged Eli Mambwe
Aug 2021
Glow Championship
Nov 2021
133 members
Aug 2020
Glow Championship
Nov 2020
50 members
Jan 2021 - May 2021
Rudra in HBB
July 2021
100 Members
Nov 2021
Partnership with SALTO RISE
Dec 2021